A ‘new’ generation of high-speed satellite data sets will need to be updated

A ‘new’ generation of high-speed satellite data sets will need to be updated

Updated March 06, 2020 12:16:56A “new” generation of satellite data set will need a new model of communication.

New Zealand Communications and Multimedia Minister David Parker says it is time for a new “smart phone” with new technology to provide “more value”.

The Minister says the new generation of smart phones will be able to “make use of the enormous amount of data that is out there” as a new wave of digital communication comes about.

Mr Parker said the Government’s plan to make the new “mobile phone” compatible with the current satellites and satellites of the telecommunications industry will be announced at the end of the year.

“That is a very exciting development, and it’s about giving the new technology that we’re talking about today, the capability to make use of that enormous amount more,” he said.

“We are very confident that this is the new mobile phone that we need.”

So it will have a lot of capabilities that the current mobile phone does not have, and that’s the reason why we are doing it now.

“There are a number of applications that will be used to help support the digital transition.”

I would like to say a few things about the technology that is being developed here.

“New technology will need more data, but Mr Parker said that was a problem not only for the new phone, but for the old satellite, which could be up to 15 years old.”

When we started thinking about the future of our telecommunications industry, the idea was to build a communications system that would provide better value to our customers.

“But the problem is we can’t use the technology to make that happen, and we need to have some new technology.”

The Government will invest $15 million to “develop a new generation” of smart phone compatible with current satellites, Mr Parker told the ABC.

“And that is to be the future smartphone,” he told the program.

Mr Park said the government was also considering the “new-generation” of satellites, which were designed to provide higher-speed broadband, a cheaper alternative to traditional satellite technology.

“You can now put your phones on top of the satellites, and have it communicate with the satellite.”

The problem is that that’s very expensive, and when you want to send the phone up to the satellite, it’s a lot more expensive than sending it up to an old satellite.

So we have to think about how we can do this cheaper.

“Mr Parker told Newshub the government would invest “up to $15m” in the development of a “new generation” “that’s going to provide the value that our customers want”.”

We’ll be looking at the technology in the future, so we can go on to look at what that means in the next couple of years.

“The Federal Government has also committed to funding the development and manufacture of “a new generation”.

Mr Parker also said the new phones would “come with an upgrade”.”

That will enable you to make more value from the technology,” he added.”

It will enable more data to be sent to the satellites that are coming in.

“If you can use that data in a new way, you can actually use that technology in a way that you haven’t done before.”

With that new technology, you will have more value for your customers.

“It will be a new service that we have developed.”

Mr Smith said the “futuristic” idea was a great example of a Government trying to push the boundaries of telecommunications technology.



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