Why are the media still ignoring Cristiano Ronaldo?

Why are the media still ignoring Cristiano Ronaldo?

A new report by SportInvestor has revealed that while Ronaldo has always been the face of Inter, the media have never really looked at him in a positive light.

According to the report, the Portuguese’s image in the media is often used as a means to discredit him and his team, which has a history of doing the same thing.

The report by the Italian news channel SportInvestigatoio also reveals that the football world is more obsessed with the Cristiano-to-Liverpool match this weekend than the rest of the Champions League and Europa League matches.

The analysis reveals that there are many more people who are obsessed with football and their teams than with the real stars of the game.

This is evident in the way the news media cover Cristiano and Liverpool this week, as opposed to other European footballing events such as the Euro 2016 tournament.

The team has been heavily criticised by some fans over the past few weeks, and there is an understandable feeling of anger in the fan base at the team’s performances so far this season.

But it is also interesting to note that the same amount of fans that are angry at the club and its players for not playing well are also more likely to be critical of the team when it comes to the media coverage.

The article claims that this is because the media has always taken Ronaldo seriously, which is why the media doesn’t like him.

However, the fact that many fans have an emotional attachment to Cristiano does not mean that they actually value his performances, according to the SportInvestigator report.

The media has a tendency to put Ronaldo in a negative light, the report says, which leads to the fans believing that the team is not as good as it is, and that it should be embarrassed for not being competitive in the Champions Cup and Europa Leagues.

While there are also some positives to be found in the team, the results are not what they should be, according the report.

“The Real Madrid team does not seem to have the results it deserves.

Its performances are disappointing, but they are not the result of an inferiority complex,” it said.”

Its the opposite.

Real Madrid is the team with the best player in the world, Cristiano.

It is the same with all of the other players, the same for the manager, the players, etc. They are not good enough.”

It goes on to say that there is a negative relationship between the media and Real Madrid, and the lack of positive criticism from the players and fans.

“This is a team that is in the top five of the world.

Its the reason that it is a success.

Its not because of Cristiano, its because of its players.

It can’t be a team of the top 5 because of a lack of good players,” it says.”

If the media were to give more attention to the team it would give more respect to the players.

But they do not do so.

They do it for the money.”


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