Irish government to announce new broadband package

Irish government to announce new broadband package

The Irish government will announce a new broadband and mobile package to help the country’s struggling telecommunications sector.

Key points:The package will include a new fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) service which is expected to bring down costsThe deal will be announced on WednesdayIt will include an increase in the speed of internet for homes and businessesThe Government says it is the “largest single infrastructure investment in the Irish economy in decades”The deal, to be announced by Communications Minister Denis Naughten on Wednesday, is expected give Ireland’s broadband industry a boost.

“The package of investment will deliver an increase of around 60 per cent in the speeds of the fibre-optic network in the rural areas, the largest single infrastructure investments in the country in decades,” said Naughton.

“We will also create up to 6,000 jobs in the local economy and will ensure that broadband services to the entire country are available.”

The package is expected bring down the cost of internet access in rural areas and increase the speed.

It will also see a doubling of fibre-teaming capacity to improve connectivity and improve network capacity.

“Our government is determined to make sure that broadband is the most affordable way to access the internet in rural Ireland,” said Mr Naughts.

“This will involve investment in high-speed broadband, particularly in areas of the country where we have a significant population of rural households.”

But this will also include measures that will provide local broadband services that meet the needs of our rural communities.

“To ensure that we deliver the best possible broadband services, we will also be working with providers to bring faster speeds and more affordable internet service to our rural areas.”

It comes after the Government announced plans to increase the speeds available to the country by 1Gbps (megabits per second) to connect more rural areas.

It also announced an expansion of rural broadband to include all households in the year 2022.

In a statement, the Irish Government said it was committed to delivering the broadband package, but it was not clear when the deal would be announced.

“As the Government announces the package, we are committed to supporting our telecommunications sector and investing in its future,” it said.

“Ireland’s broadband sector is one of the fastest growing in the world and the Government is determined that broadband delivers the best value for money and delivers the lowest cost of service.”

A statement from the Government said the package will deliver a 1Gbps upgrade for broadband in rural and remote areas, and an increase to fibre-based services.

“These investments will increase the availability of broadband services in rural, remote and urban areas, whilst ensuring the quality of service for all households,” it added.

“A fibre-infrastructure investment is a key element of delivering a better broadband network, helping to deliver the fastest speeds and highest speeds available in rural communities.”

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