The Zoleo Satellite Communications Plan is a way to keep the internet alive

ZoleO, the leading provider of mobile internet in Nigeria, is about to embark on the biggest project of its kind, launching the first satellite internet service in Nigeria.

The satellite internet, known as ZoleoSatellite, will be used by the country’s rural and urban areas to make sure they have access to the internet at all times.

The service will cover about 60 percent of Nigeria’s population, the BBC reports.

ZoleoSatellites will be a combination of satellites and fiber-optic cable, enabling a service that will be accessible to the vast majority of people across the country.

The project, called ZoleSatellite, is the culmination of several years of work between ZoleOsatellites co-founder and chief executive officer, Abdul Aziz Osman, and the National Telecommunication Authority (NTA).

The NTA is a government agency that operates telecommunications services across Nigeria.

In an effort to improve service and reduce costs, Zoleosatellite will provide service to the rural areas that will provide more affordable broadband for consumers.

This is a major step towards the end of a decade-long struggle to provide internet access in Nigeria and beyond.

The first of the satellite internet services will launch later this year, and Zoleozes plans for the service will be to be extended to the whole country.

 “Zoleozers satellite internet plan will provide access to over 60 percent and more of the rural population will be able to access their communications at any time,” said Zole Ozom, Zoles vice president and CEO.

“The internet is the lifeblood of the country and the new Zoleuz satellite internet will help bring this to life for the millions of people who depend on it for daily communications.”

Zoleos satellite internet is expected to provide more than 3,000 gigabits per second (Mbps) speeds to mobile phones and tablets, according to the NTA.

The plan is expected be completed in the first quarter of 2019.

The Zoleoos service is aimed at bringing the internet to a much wider swath of the population, as well as to those who cannot access the internet in their rural areas.

It is expected that a number of rural and coastal communities will be covered in the service.

“Zoles satellite internet has been designed for rural areas and to provide connectivity to people who do not have access,” said Ojibade, the Zoleoing CEO.

“We believe it will provide connectivity that will allow a vast number of people to access the Internet at anytime of the day and night.

It will also help us improve our infrastructure and increase our resilience to natural disasters.”

Zoleo, which is owned by Nigerian telecommunications company Nigertel, has been offering its services for over five years.

Zoleotel is a telecoms company that offers high-speed internet service to people living in remote areas.


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